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 We will talk about
  • Your congregation's mission
  • What is working well in your congregation
  • Areas in which you'd like to see growth
  • Results of the Needs Assessment worksheet I will send you in advance 
  • Your ministry-specific goals or vision 
  • Steps you might take to impact ministry now

Ready to take the first step to impact your congregation?

I offer a 30-60 minute free session (by phone or in person) to give us time to get to know each other, find out your needs. and then determine if the skills I have to offer, can help fill your needs and fulfill your mission. I will also share some resources and tools to use  for ministry planning.

 I'll explain

  • How your congregation would benefit from ministry design

  • What the design process looks like

  • What design options  could work well for your church

  • What you can expect from me 

* If you decide to move ahead, you choose how much time, energy, and investment you want to put into a design project.
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