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"Terri Albrecht is a woman of deep, steadfast, life transforming faith.  Because of her passion, she is able to coach, encourage, train, and equip others to build ministries that nurture faith in congregations, homes, and out into the world.  She is a positive, delightful, affirming woman, a gift to your staff and volunteers.  I would count her the asset your congregation cannot do without.  You will be so glad to have her journeying with you as you deepen cross+generational and family ministry, infused into all of your worship arts. "


Marilyn Sharpe,

Marilyn Sharpe Ministries LLC, 

Edina, Minnesota

"Terri has a heart and passion for families and teaching the faith.  She has a creative, innovative and active approach that helps people experience the love of Jesus.  She is adaptable to different ministry settings and raises the effectiveness of the whole team."

Pastor Derek Broten, 

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church

Plymouth, MN

"Over the years I have known Terri she has demonstrated time and again her ability to develop ministry opportunities from conception to completion. She has proven herself to be a leader who is able to innovate with an energetic and approachable personality."

Dr. Phillip Johnson,

Assistant to the President

For Mission Formation

Minnesota South District, LCMS


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