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Collaborative Design

 Build a team to implement or enhance ministry 



Contractor Role                       

Together, we will use a ministry blueprint to build a framework, put tools in your congregation’s hands, and equip people to use their gifts so that your ministry moves from vision to reality


You might use this design
process to​
  •  Start something that engages more volunteers                                         

Examples of ways to use this design                             

  • Creating or tweaking a kids ministry for summer                

  • Engaging volunteers to be Confirmation Mentors             

  • Form a team for outreach ministry in your neighborhood

What you can expect from me

  • 25 hours in person or by phone

  • Assessment of current ministry

  • Customized Recommendations

  • Walk alongside your congregation to implement design

  • Mid- Term : 3-6 months

  • Generous email availability

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