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Planning Design

       Design a "blueprint           

             for ministry"                                     

Architect Role                         

Together, we tailor ministry to  your congregation, using the passions, gifts  and vision of where God is leading your church


You might use this design
process to​
  • Begin a ministry to new parents, with classes and home visits               

  • Start Quarterly Family Nights at your church     

  • Find ways to keep connected with students away at college

This could work well if 

  • You want to start a new ministry and need help in the planning process and laying out the foundation for it.

  • Your ministry area doesn't need many volunteers or have as many "pieces" to it.

What you can expect from me

  • 15 hours in person or by phone

  • Assessment of current ministry

  • Customized Recommendations

  • Walk alongside your congregation to implement design

  • Short Term : 1-3 months

  • Generous email availability

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